Our projects

The ERL lead collaborations with nuclear and/or space agencies of 5 countries on 3 continents.

The ERL currently has  in excess of £11 million in current live grants.

  • Royal Society Industry Fellowship for Nuclear Robotics – Principal Investigator Professor Stolkin embedded in NNL
  • NNL Robotics Fellowship – NNL roboticist Jeff Kuo was embedded in UoB until recent retirement.


  • €6.8million H2020 RoMaNS – Robotic manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation (leader)
  • £720,000 EPSRC UK-Korea Civil Nuclear Collaboration (leader) – “Robotic system for retrieval of contaminated materials from hazardous zones”
  • £1.75million EPSRC Remote Sensing in Nuclear Environments (leader)
  • £5.5million (£2million to Bham) EPSRC Programme Grant – Robotics for Nuclear Environments (co-leader)
  • £multi-million DISTINCTIVE nuclear consortium (participant)
  • 5 nuclear-sponsored robotics/sensing PhD studentships have been won, totalling more than £half-million funding.

Related Grants

  • £250,000 InnovateUK KTP with KUKA (KUKA is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial robot arms – UK nuclear industry is now committed to using KUKA robots)
  • £130,000 Ministry of Defence (human-AI collaboration for control of remote robot vehicles)

Other work

  • A.R.M Robotics Ltd
  • InnovateUK LaserSnake2 – commissioned by NNL to achieve autonomous robotic laser cutting of nuclear waste
  • Sellafield Ltd – advanced 3D imaging of bulging nuclear storage containers
  • New InnovateUK SBRI project (collab with NNL and Bristol Robotics Lab) – Integrated robotic system for nuclear decommissioning. Now in Phase 1 of £1.5million two-phase project.


  • €6million H2020 Innovation Action “I-RoMaNS – Industrialised Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sites” (Birmingham are overall leader) This is a consortium of 7 organisations in 4 countries.