Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities

The School of Physics and Astronomy welcomes applicants for UK and EU postdoctoral Fellowships, in all of the School's research areas.

From the list of fellowships and awards below you will be able to discover what levels of funding are available and their eligibility criteria. 

The School of Physics and Astronomy has a successful track record of hosting postdoctoral fellows. We also welcome enquiries from international postdoctoral fellows with secured funding from other agencies.

Award bodyFellowship title
British Academy & Royal Society Newton International Research Fellowships
Cancer Research UK Career Development Fellowship
Cancer Research UK Career Establishment Award
Daphne Jackson Daphne Jackson Memorial Fellowships
English Speaking Union Lindemann Trust  Fellowships
EPSRC Fellowships
ERC Funding schemes
European Commission Marie Curie Fellowship
European Southern Observatory ESO Fellowship Programme
Harvard Einstein Fellowship
Humboldt Foundation Humboldt Research Fellowship
Imperial College London JRF - Junior Research Fellowships
Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Funding Schemes
Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA International Top Young Fellowship
Leverhulme Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships
Leverhulme Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship
L'Oreal Fellowship
NASA Postdoctoral programme
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute Carl Sagan Fellowship
Royal Astronomical Society RAS Research Fellowships
Royal Commission Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Science and Engineering
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships
Royal Society JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
Royal Society University Research Fellowships
Royal Society Brian Mercer Feasibility/Innovation Award
Royal Society Royal Society Education Research Fellowship
Royal Society Paul Instrument Fund
Royal Society of Edinburgh Personal Fellowships
Space Telescope Science Institute Giacconi Fellowship
Space Telescope Science Institute Hubble Fellowships
STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship
STFC Enterprise Fellowship
STFC ESA Fellowships
SUPA Advanced Research Fellowships
University of Nottingham Anne McLaren Fellowships

Applicants should contact members of staff in the school to seek support before making an application.  If you are unsure about who to contact, please email us at with details of the area of research in which you are interested and we will redirect your enquiry to a member of staff in the nearest research area.  


If successful you will have the following benefits

  • You will have access to support and guidance provided by a mentor as well as other academic and administrative research staff.  You will be able to engage with colleagues conducting interdisciplinary research.  
  • You will be able network and attend events in the School of Physics & Astronomy and more widely across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the University.
  • We hold regular whole-school events and seminars with frequent participation of a range of stakeholders and visiting academics
  • You will also have opportunities to present your research in School research groups and seminars, and to contribute to the outputs of the School’s research and impact agendas
  • Postdoctoral Fellows have access to a wide range of public lectures and seminars across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the University
  • You will receive expert support in the preparation of grant applications during your Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • You will be able to take advantage of the comprehensive range of training courses offered to research staff, aimed at maximising your career building potential