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Previous events


12th December - Putting Satan at the Centre: Rethinking Contemporary Global Christianity in Nigeria and Beyond

5th December - Ambivalent belonging: Born-again Christians between Africa and Europe

28th November - 'Bora Uhai': Performing Digital Vernaculars in Kenya

21st November - Air pollution in East Africa: urbanization and inequalities

14th November - African commercial organization on the Gold Coast in the 17th century

7th November - Imperative Conditionals; Black Speculative thought and the co-designed futurity

31st October - Mining, waste and environmental thought on the Central African Copperbelt, 1950-2000

24th October - The Gold Route to Timbuktu: Tracing Medieval Trans-Saharan Camel Caravan Networks from Morocco to Mali

17th October - The (other) property ladder: Taxation and the construction of analogue property rights in Lagos

10th October - From Witchcraft to Satanism: Changing fantasies and new experiences in the South African Lowveld

3rd October - School Design in Africa: Issues and Challenges for 21st Century Learning

11th-13th September - ASAUK conference 2018

13th April - Writivism at five and the Future of African Literature

10th-12th April - Between Slavery and Post-slavery

19th March - Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity: Métis and Claims to/of French Citizenship in Twentieth Century Colonial Francophone Africa

14th March - Prophets, Evangelists, and Missionaries: Trans-Atlantic Interactions in the Emergence of Nigerian Pentecostalism

7th March - Hackers of the Heart: Cons, Virtual Intimacy, and the Sorcery of the Internet in Abidjan

28th February - The Struggle over State Power in Zimbabwe: Law and Politics Since 1950

21st February - Bureaucracy from Below: Stabilising Land Rights after Zimbabwe's Land Reform Program

7th February - Making Concessions: Power and Ecstasis in the Congolese rainforest

31st January - Colonialism, Political Transition and Politics of Redress in Nigeria

24th January - Today We Become: Echoing the Past to Negotiate the Landscape of Postcolony

17th January - The Suffering Subject: Flogging Scandals in Colonial Northern Nigeria and a Humanitarian Public Sphere, 1912-1933

10th January - Indirect Rule, the Mission Encounter and Witchcraft in Colonial South-eastern Congo, 1910-1960


11th December - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

4th December - Re-thinking race and class in twentieth century South Africa

27th November - War in Northern Uganda: background and effects

20th November - Youth and insecurity in the Niger Delta

30th October - Class and informal economic restructuring

23rd October - East African railways and harbours 1945-60: labour resistance to a 'crisis of accumulation'

22nd October - Adapting to Climate Change: Coping with the Effects of Weather Changes in Rural Sierra Leone

9th October - French perceptions of Algerian society at the onset of colonial conquest (ca.1840-1860)

2nd October - The price of death: understanding the township funeral industry in South Africa

4th September - Panel Discussion

4th-6th September - Crossroads in African Studies

17th May-18th June - The Cadbury Conference 2013: African newspaper cultures

19th March - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

5th March - Urban slums in Durban, South Africa

22nd February - Postgraduate Workshop: sites of memory

5th February - Round Table: focus on sources

30th January - The rule of fear: state violence in colonial Kenya, 1952-1955

23rd January - Round Table: focus on the Danford Collection

15th January - "The idea of the nation was superior to race": transforming racial contours, social attitudes, and decolonizing French Empire from La Réunion 1946-1973

8th January - Conundrums of cash: wage rhythms, wealth circulation and the ethics of the economy on the Zimbabwean-South African border