What does the study involve?

We will invite parents, young people, school staff and others connected to school food or education to take part in workshops.

We will share our research findings with the groups and ask them to talk about their own experiences of school food. We will ask their views on how to improve school food policy.

We will invite a group of policymakers working in government to meet on three occasions. We will share the our findings from our workshops with policymakers and discuss solutions for improving school food policy.

Participant information

Participant information will be attached here for the following groups:

Young People

Pupil information sheet 108 Kb docx.


School representatives

Professionals working in education or school food systems

Policy makers

Privacy notice

  • Privacy notice 22Kb docx.

Public representatives

We have three public advisory groups guiding our research:

· Youth Advisory Group

· Parents Advisory Group

· Schools Advisory Group

These groups will meet up to four times over the 12-month study. Our public representatives are reimbursed for their time at a rate of £25 an hour plus expenses.

If you are interested in being involved as a public representative, please get in touch:  epicfoodstudy@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Sharing our findings

As the project is in its early stages we do not yet have any findings to share. However, you can read about the findings from the FUEL study here.