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Equi-injury: NIHR Global Health Group on Equitable Access to Quality Health Care for Injured People in Four Low or Middle Income Countries

About 90% of death due to injuries happen in low- or middle-income countries (LMICs), and a high proportion of the survivors experience long-term disabilities. The high mortality and morbidity of injuries also cause considerable economic losses both for individuals and communities, as majority of the victims are young and economically productive.

Timely access to high quality healthcare can reduce burden of injuries remarkably. Delays occurring from the point of injury to receipt of quality care contribute to nearly 50% of avoidable deaths and cause substantial disability after injury. However, more evidence is needed on mechanisms and solutions for reducing these delays in accessing quality care after injury.

Our research aims to help reduce the likelihood of people in developing countries dying unnecessarily from injuries. With partners in Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, and Pakistan, we will address both delays in equitable access to care and quality of care provided to the injured, to reduce death or disability.

 The diversity of cultures, economies, and injuries in our partner countries will show which delays and solutions are consistent across different settings unique to individual countries. 

Research Leads


Professor Justine Davies

University of Birmingham


Professor Kathryn Chu

Stellenbosch University, South Africa