Project Aims

To understand how to improve equitable access to quality care for the injured in LMICs by the following objectives (each of which has a corresponding work package).

Project Objectives

1) develop a common understanding of stakeholder desires and needs to improve policy to enable improved equitable access to quality injury care

2) identify barriers and facilitators to equitable access to quality care and their consequences for the injured person

3) develop an injury pathway model to understand equitable access to quality injury care which can be applied in multiple contexts

4) build consensus amongst stakeholders about which research-based sustainable strategies to prioritise

5) synthesise cross country learning to identify similarities or differences between countries, hence where solutions may be shared

Main conceptual frameworks

Main Conceptual Frameworks graph

Study setting

The study will be done in 4 countries:

  • Rwanda
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan

Most of the work-packages will be done in two rural and two urban areas or district in each country, selected to be as representative of the country as possible and with contacts to investigators allowing feasibility of delivery.

Theory of Change

Draft Theory of Change

Selected Publications

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