Fracture, Evaluation, Management and Understanding Research (FEMUR) Study


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FEMUR is a global, prospective cohort study on femur fracture management. Data collection will start in February 2025. Each hospital site will collect data over a minimum consecutive 28-day period in 2025, at any time between Feb – Jun 2025 

We are looking for motivated individuals to recruit as national leads and hospital leads. Check for your country's national lead
If your country does not have a national lead, register online to join us today.
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Our aims


To understand the management provided for different types of femur fractures that are admitted to hospitals globally, and the outcomes for patients with these fractures.


1. To audit mortality, morbidity, and mobility outcomes 30 days after admission with femur fractures globally

2. To describe the management of femur fractures in hospitals globally 

In comparing outcomes by management received, facility type, and global location, we will provide data to inform health system planning and utility for global advocacy.

For further information on our study, please read our FEMUR Study Protocol [PDF, 283kb]

  • Femur Protocol French Version [PDF, 147kb]
  • Femur Protocol Portugese version [PDF, 244kb]

About us

International core team

International Core Team (Accessible version):

  • Professor Celia Gregson - University of Bristol
  • Professor Abebe Bekele - University of Global Health Equity
  • Professor Jean Claude Byiringiro - University of Rwanda
  • Professor Junaid Razzak - The Aga Khan University
  • Professor Masood Umer - The Aga Khan University
  • Professor Kathryn Chu - Stellenbosch University
  • Ms Johnelize Louw - Stellenbosch University
  • Professor Stephen Tabiri - University for Development Studies
  • Dr Napoleon Sam - University for Development Studies
  • Professor Simon Graham - University of Oxford
  • Professor Justine Davies - University of Birmingham
  • Dr Leila Ghalichi - University of Birmingham 

Get involved now

National Leads

We are looking for a clinician who has connections with hospitals that manage femur fractures. As the national lead you will identify hospital leads and help with the ethics approvals as needed.

The National Leads Registration Form is now available - check the FEMUR National Leads Registration link for further information. 

Hospital Leads

We are looking for a motivated individual who can help us recruit hospital leads and national leads. Check your country's national lead. They will manage a hospital data collection team comprising of up to 5 members. 

Register online to join us today.

The Hospital Leads Registration Form is now available - check the FEMUR Hospital Leads Registration link for further information.

Prospective Participants

Case Report Forms

For further information on the reporting on patient femur fractures, please see our case report forms.

  1. Case Report Form [PDF, 229kb]
  2. Case Report Form French Version [PDF, 211kb]
  3. Case Report Form Portugese Version [PDF, 123kb]

Participant Information Sheet

For patients enrolled in the study please download our participant information sheets

  1. Participant Information Sheet [Word, 75kb]
  2. Participant Information Sheet Portuguese Version [PDF, 228kb]

Consent Forms

For patients enrolled in the study please download our consent forms

  1. Consent Form [Word, 74kb]
  2. Consent Form Portuguese version  [PDF, 171kb]

Registration process

National leads registration link

WhatsApp link for all National Leads: NationalLead_WhatsAPP 

Hospital lead registration link

WhatsApp link for all Hospital Leads: HospitalLead_WhatsAPP