Advisory Group

The BIFoR Advisory Group advises on overall strategy for BIFoR, research activity and priorities, and key issues concerning education and influence with particular emphasis on delivering objectives from our founding donor the JABBS Foundation. Members are invited to join the Advisory Group. Membership is made up of academics and non-academics.  

Chaired by Professor William Bloss, Head of College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES)
Professor Bradwell, Honorary Professor of Immunology University of Birmingham
Dr Alice Broome, Project Leader for Protected Species, Forest Research
Dr Anna Brown, Head of Tree Health and Contingency, Forestry Commission England
Dr Clive Elphick, independent Director with the National Grid Gas Place and National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc, on the Board of the Environment Agency
Dr Jeanette Hall, Woodland Advisor, Scottish Natural Heritage
Caroline Ayre, Evolving Forests 
Professor David Johnson, Chair in Microbial Ecology, University of Manchester
Professor Richard Norby, Oakridge Laboratory, USA
Professor Sir Ghillean Prance, formerly Director of Royal Botanical Gardens KEW
Professor Malcolm Press, Vice Chancellor, University of Manchester
Professor Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, Defra and University of Birmingham

Minutes of the January 2020 BIFoR Advisory Group Meeting.

Minutes of the January 2021 BIFoR Advisory Group Meeting. 

Minutes of the January 2022 BIFoR Advisory Group Meeting.