About us

The Centre for Movement and Wellbeing (MoveWell) at the University of Birmingham, is at the forefront of cutting-edge wellness.

We offer a trailblazing centre for movement and wellbeing, dedicated to elevating both physical and mental wellbeing to new heights.

MoveWell has an unparalleled integrated approach to strength and conditioning and psychological/cognitive assessment with, outpatient  musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiorespiratory care. This holistic approach guarantees a comprehensive review of wellbeing, ensuring the diverse healthcare needs of our community and patient populations are addressed.

Our world-class facility offers expansive prehabilitation and rehabilitation spaces. These include a state-of-the-art re-conditioning gym equipped with a neuro treadmill and resistance machines.

Patients visiting our comprehensive physiotherapy clinic will benefit from personalised care for optimal recovery.

MoveWell is not just a facility; it's a hub for innovative interdisciplinary research. We are committed to translating the latest scientific advancements into practical clinical applications, benefiting a wide range of communities.