Study with us

We offer unique experiences to University of Birmingham students who share our passion for helping community members achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Some of the unique experiences we offer our students include:

  • Ability to work closely with community members and patient groups under the supervision of health care professionals and academics.
  • Opportunities to be involved at MoveWell through experiential education placements and in unpaid volunteer positions.
  • Opportunity to learn from our community members and patient groups and forge special friendships. In working with diverse groups, students apply their knowledge, hone their skills, and gain invaluable experience, including clinical experience hours required for professional designations.
  • Involvement with MoveWell outreach initiatives and support academic-led research projects involving community members and patient groups.

Our current courses include:

BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences 

BSc Sport, PE and Coaching Science 

MSci Physiotherapy 

Our new Applied MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology will be launched in 2025.