Sustainable Solutions for your Business

ATETA has helped businesses embark on their journey towards net zero. Our team of  Knowledge Exchange Fellows have supported individual business needs surrounding energy storage, industrial heat technology, sustainable cooling, low carbon transport solutions, energy from waste and carbon footprint reduction, just to name just a few.

Technology Expertise

Our KEFs applied their world-leading research, experience and expertise to provide each SME with an applied, professional approach to business, economic, market and technical research that provided independent and impartial evidence in support of the client's innovative product or service claims. The expertise of our KEF’s spans across a multitude of areas including, but not limited to, Thermal Energy Technologies, SMART Grids and System Integration and Renewable Power and Fuel Cell Technologies.

Key Project Themes

Thermal Energy Technologies

  • Energy from cooling – capturing energy from refrigeration, freezing or air conditioning
  • Energy from heating – capturing energy ranging across low (60°C), medium and high (600°C) temperatures.
  • Energy capture and storage – in order to utilise energy, we can capture natural waste heat or cooling through materials (e.g. by using phase changing materials), storing it and utilising that energy when it is needed during another cycle of the same process or in another part of the company
  • Thermal energy analysis –understanding how much energy is lost to the environment, and investigating better insulating solutions to equipment such as refrigerators, furnaces, boilers and more to lower the required power input necessary to maintain the desired temperature, with a potential to lower electricity bills and the carbon footprint  
  • Combined heat and power – capturing and utilising the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process 

Smart Grids and System Integration

  • Distributed Energy System Design and Grid Integration
  • Power Systems and Smart Grid Economics
  • Smart Power Grids and Real-Time Simulation
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Electronic Design for Renewable Power

Clean Mobility Technologies

  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies
  • Power Generation Technology and Alternative Fuels
  • Fuel Blending Solutions with Hydrogen and Ammonia (carbon negative fuels)
  • Energy from Waste (EfW) Technologies, Simulation and Design