Energy Capital

The city of Birmingham has ambitious plans to deliver emission reductions, create a low-carbon infrastructure and to modernise how it deals with waste.

Energy Capital aims to establish Greater Birmingham as the global capital for energy systems innovation and market development, associated with its energy, waste, and transport infrastructure.

Birmingham city landscapeTyseley Energy and Environmental Enterprise District

The project will exploit the expertise within the Birmingham Energy Institute, coupled with the deployment of new technologies being developed both within the University, and in collaboration with our partners to create a large scale demonstrator.

Working alongside the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), Birmingham City Council and the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC), the Tyseley Energy and Environmental Enterprise District will become the energy and waste nexus for the City of Birmingham, showing how novel energy technologies can form an innovative industrial ecology.

This will attract international companies to the region and catalyse the skills development required to underpin the transformation that is essential.

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