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Setting the standard for Gender Based Violence research

Gender-based violence (GBV) takes place around the world, but survivors in LMICs often face specific problems, as a result of inadequate state responses to this violence, and because of cultural or religious norms that blame survivors for experiencing this violence, leading to their stigmatisation or even rejection. Therefore, GBV has severe physical, emotional, social, and economic effects.

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Understanding the coastal wetlands

Humans have significantly altered the global biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen and carbon through industrialisation, land use and climate change. These elements impact soil health, food security, greenhouse gas emissions and ecological resilience, and so understanding our ecosystems and how we can alleviate our impact upon them is crucial.

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Enhancing investigations with crime linkage

Crime linkage is the process of linking two or more crimes together, based on the underlying principles that perpetrators’ behaviour will be both consistent and distinctive. Our team in the 21st Century Transnational Crime theme investigates the proper use of crime linkage, and evidence-based forensic psychology, by practitioners of law enforcement.

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Investigating air flows around critical infrastructure

We depend on information communications networks more than ever before. This is a truly global infrastructure, comprising of data centres and telecommunications technologies that host and provide access to the internet, cloud storage, and computing from anywhere in the world.

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Using crustaceans to treat wastewater

More than two billion people worldwide have no access to clean water, largely because over 80% of wastewater returns to the environment untreated. In LMICs, inadequately purified water exposes individuals, especially children, to preventable health risks and deaths.

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Sexual and other forms of violence during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in Kenya: Patterns of violence and impacts on women and girls

Report on Gender-Based Violence during the Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency in Kenya, July 2020

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Women's experiences of using specialised courts for violence against women: Lessons and recommendations from Ecuador

This report summarises the fndings of a pilot study carried out by a team composed of researchers from the School of Law at the Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador) and academics affiliated with the Institute for Global Innovation at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom).

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What counts as progress: SDG Reporting on Violence against Women in Bangladesh Revisited

Civil society organisations in Bangladesh have been spearheading the spread of development ever since the birth of the country. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda has introduced a practical framework within which progress in attaining some of the key aims in development can be measured, and, hopefully, to some extent achieved.

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