Immune Regulation

Digitally generated image of human cellsThe Immune Regulation theme provides new insight into mechanisms that control immune system development and function.

Graham AndersonBasic Science Lead

Professor Graham Anderson

Professor of Experimental Immunology

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Alex RichterClinical Lead

Professor Alex Richter

Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Clinical Immunology

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About our research

Knowledge is gained through spatial, temporal and single cell analysis of immune cells using in vivo models, which is then used to design new approaches for the prevention and treatment of human diseases

Aims of our research

  • Define key genes, proteins and cells in the innate and adaptive immune systems that control differentiation, homeostasis and regulation of the immune response
  • Understand immunity to pathogens and how this can be used to improve vaccination strategies
  • Define the pathogenesis of immunological diseases ranging from autoimmunity to transplant rejection and how to manipulate the immune system through immunotherapy

Our staff

Immune Regulation Principal Investigators
Principal InvestigatorResearch Interest 
Professor Graham Anderson T-cell biology, Thymus and T-cell development, T-cell Tolerance and Immunity.
Professor Alex Richter Emerging field of secondary immunodeficiency.
Professor Peter Lane Molecular and cellular basis of CD4 memory and effector function.
Professor Adam Cunningham How immune responses develop to vaccines and infection and how they impact on host immune homeostasis.
Professor Kai-Michael Toellner How lymphocytes differentiate in response to pathogens or vaccines.
Dr David Withers Understanding how memory CD4 T-cell responses are generated and maintained.
Dr Jorge Caamaňo Secondary and tertiary lymphoid tissue development and function during immune responses and inflammation.
Dr Nick Jones Transplant immunology, regulatory T-cells, memory T-cells, invariant NKT cells, rejection, tolerance.
Dr William Jenkinson Investigation of mechanisms controlling T-cell development and central tolerance.
Dr Sarah Dimeloe Metabolism of immune cells and how this underpins their role in health and disease.
Dr Kendle Michelle Maslowski Innate immune pathways in intestinal epithelial cells and their roles in fighting infection and cancer development.
Dr David Bending Cellular and molecular mechanisms that control T-cell differentiation, function and regulation.
Dr Rebecca A Drummond How organ-specific immune responses develop by studying the behaviour of tissue-resident myeloid cells.
Professor Mark Drayson Investigation of drug redeployment strategies as a route for development of novel therapies.
Professor Sylvie Freeman Predicting treatment resistance in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplasia principally by monitoring residual disease (MRD).