4th Annual Network Meeting 2023

Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Birmingham, UK

18 – 19 October 2023 


BactiVac was honoured to welcome 158 of our members to its 4th Annual Network Meeting in Birmingham, UK, with representation from 28 countries.   

4th Annual Meeting photo montage

The Annual Network Meeting reminds us all that we are in this together across the globe. The meeting offered a unique, focussed opportunity to hear from experts in academia, industry, policy and funding bodies to highlight the tremendous work being undertaken and remind us to not only focus on new vaccines but also address what is happening with existing vaccines with breakthrough strains and disease re-emergence. 

See the meeting highlights video:

BactiVac's 4th Annual Network Meeting 2023 highlights video

Opportunities for networking are not only built into the programme through our speed-networking session, but we also saw the vibrant engagement of all attending within the poster session, highlighting the exciting work being undertaken internationally.

As a Network we are stronger as a network of networks, and this was encapsulated by the talks given during the event to remind everyone that working together to bridge the gaps is so important. 

The Network was pleased to see the recipients of our travel bursary awards having the opportunity to take part in the meeting and add the LMIC perspective which is invaluable to us all when working in partnership to address the global challenges in bacterial vaccinology.

Ahead of our 4th Annual Network Meeting, we hosted Grant Writing Workshop for early career researchers on Tuesday 17 October 2023. The Workshop was delivered by Dr Laura Knogler from Scriptoria. Attendees representing eight different countries had the benefit of taking part in this Workshop, where the programme focused on developing scientific writing skills to produce high quality grant proposals. All participants received a comprehensive set of course notes in addition to tools and software tips. The workshop was interactive, with participants being encouraged to ask the questions they may have always wanted to ask. 

For all queries, please contact the BactiVac Administration Team: bactivac@contacts.bham.ac.uk