Microdosing psychedelic substances to help with obsessive-compulsive difficulties

This study aims to explore people’s experiences of microdosing classic psychedelics to help with obsessive thinking and compulsions.

About the project

As microdosing appears to be a growing phenomenon, it is important to research it in order to gain further understanding. This study will aim to do so in a curious and neutral manner by exploring experiences of people who have previously or currently microdose classic psychedelics in order to change their experiences of OCD symptoms. This study will take a neutral stance to the use of microdosing psychedelics – neither condoning nor condemning - so that all aspects of the experience can be explored.

If you are interested in participating with this research, please see the links to the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form. Please read these documents carefully as they explain who is eligible to take part in this study, what will happen in the study, and, if you wish to, how to contact the researcher to maintain your anonymity.

  1. Participant Information Sheet
  2. Consent Form

Meet the Team

Charlotte A’Court, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Under the supervision of:

Professor Alexandre Copello

Dr Andrew Fox

Dr Rebecca Ryan

Get in touch

Charlotte A’Court (via Telegram)