Key staff

To enable both practical improvement and robust transferable theory, the collaborative multi-disciplinary nature of our work means we have moved beyond traditional boundaries of individual academic discipline or discrete professional groups within the NHS. 

The Centre will work as a genuine partnership that heeds the voice of all of our collaborators including patient groups and the private sector. In this way we can develop a framework for quality improvement interventions that better matches knowledge and skills to desired behaviours and habits.

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Professor Sheila Greenfield (Theme Lead)

Professor of Medical Sociology. She is a qualitative methodologist and her research is focussed on the design and implementation of qualitative methodology.

Dr Ian Litchfield (Theme Lead)

Research Fellow uses qualitative and quantitative methods in the evaluation of service delivery interventions with a particular interest in mapping and understanding and improving care processes.

Professor Tom Marshall (Theme Lead)

Professor of Public Health and Primary Care. His main medical speciality is in Public Health Medicine and has extensive interests in primary care informatics and quality improvement.

Dr David Shukla (Clinical research lead Dudley CCG)

GP Partner, Eve Hill Medical Practice, Clinical Research Lead, Dudley CCG, Clinical Research Speciality Lead for Primary Care at National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), GP Appraiser, NHS England.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dr Mark Lee (Theme lead)

Senior Lecturer and deputy director of the School of Computer Science with expertise in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Dr Phil Smith

Interests in natural language processing, sentiment analysis and discourse function.

College of Social Sciences

Dr Nicola Gale (Health Services Management Centre)

Senior Lecturer and health sociologist with expertise in single-discipline sociological research and interdisciplinary health research.