Our people

Director of the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine

Professor John Terry 
Interdisciplinary Professorial Fellow and EPSRC Established Career Fellow

John's role is to provide vision, leadership and guidance for the Centre, its members and stakeholders. He is passionate about developing leadership in others and empowering people to make a difference and to fulfil their potential.
Professor John Terry


Professor Manfred Opper
Professor of Machine Learning

Research interests: machine learning, data assimilation, statistical inference, Bayesian modelling, neural network models, nonparametric statistics, and statistical mechanics of complex systems. 

Professor Manfred Opper

Professor Michael Biehl
Honorary Professor of Machine Learning

Research interests: Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence, Applications in life sciences, biomedical data, astroinformatics, Statistical Physics and Scientific Computing.

Professor Michael Biehl

Professor Viktor Jirsa
Professor of Network Dynamics and Brain Sciences 

Research interests: theoretical and computational neuroscience, network dynamics, connectome-based brain models, epilepsy. 

The team

Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine team


Centre Management and Support

Dr Caroline Gillett, Community and Public Engagement Manager

Caroline’s role is to support the Centre with its strategic research engagement ambitions. She works with Centre researchers to devise, deliver and evaluate meaningful public engagement projects, crafted in close collaboration with a range of community, patient and creative partners.Caroline joins us from University of Birmingham’s central public engagement team (2015-2019) which she helped establish and which was awarded Silver NCCPE Engage Watermark status in 2018. If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration or find out more about how you can get involved with our projects, please contact Caroline.

Contact Caroline

Caroline Gillett

Dr Debbie Marsden, Senior Research Manager

Debbie's role is to support Centre researchers in all aspects of the research grant lifecycle, with a particular emphasis on large and complex bids, fellowships and industry funding opportunities.Debbie has joined us from the University of Exeter, where she was previously Senior Research Manager and Cluster Lead for Engineering and Physical Sciences.If you would like to discuss a funding opportunity with the Centre, please contact Debbie. 

Contact Debbie

Debbie Marsden

Dr Rebecca Ward, Centre Manager

Rebecca’s role is to support the Centre researchers in the delivery of their research. She works with Professor John Terry to develop the Centre’s vision, strategy and delivery plan and to manage the Centre resources.
Prior to joining the team, Rebecca worked for the Medical Research Council in London as a programme manager and previously for the UK Clinical Research Collaboration and the Royal Society in programme management and science policy roles.
She is the point of contact for anyone interested in the working with the Centre or finding out more about the work we do. Please get in touch with Rebecca. 

Contact Rebecca

Rebecca Ward

Pippa Chilvers, PA to Centre Director and SMQB Senior Administrator

Pippa is PA to John Terry and responsible for his diary management. She is also the Centre Senior Administrator supporting the delivery of the SMQB programmes, including research, learning and community & public engagement activities.

Contact Pippa

Research Fellows


Dr Meurig Gallagher, Centre Fellow

Research interests: Fluid dynamics, Image analysis, Modelling physiological systems

Dr Meurig Gallagher
Dr Daniel Galvis, Centre Fellow

Research interests: Network analysis, Dynamical systems, Numerical methods

Daniel Galvis

Dr Leandro Junges, Centre Fellow
Research interests: Numerical methods, Complex systems, Network analysis, Machine learning

Leandro Junges

Dr Aravind Kumar Kamaraj, Research Fellow
Research interests: Dynamical systems, Complex networks, and Mathematical Modelling.

Aravind Kumar Kamaraj
Dr Isabella Marinelli, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research interests: Network analysis, Dynamical systems, Diabetes
Isabella Marinelli

Dr Paul Roberts, Centre Fellow
Research interests: Mathematical ophthalmology.

Paul Roberts

Dr Atif Shahzad, Research Fellow and Lead for MSc in Biomedical Innovation
Research interests: Health Technology Innovation, Smart Sensors, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Signal & Image Processing.

Dr Atif Shahzad

Dr Luke Tait, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research interests:  Time series analysis, Graph theory, Machine learning, and Non-linear dynamical systems to understand brain dynamics during cognitive processes and in neurodegenerative disorders.

Luke Tait
Dr Patricia Thomas, MRC Skills Development Fellow
Research interests: Bioinformatics, Microscopy, Fatty Acids, Diabetes (Type II)
Patricia Thomas

Dr David Tourigny, Birmingham Fellow (Secondment)
Research interests: Computational biology, Cancer metabolism

David Tourigny

Dr Wessel Woldman, Epilepsy Research UK Emerging Leader Fellow
Research interests: Network analysis, Dynamical systems, Machine learning, Neurology

Wes Woldman

Dr Eder ZavalaMRC Skills Development Fellow
Research interests: Network analysis, Dynamical systems, Endocrinology, Wearable technology

Eder Zavala

Dr Alexander Zhigalov, Centre Fellow
Research interests: Closed-loop brain stimulation, Scale-free neural dynamics, Neuronal oscillations.

Alexander Zhigalov

Affiliated Investigators

Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research


School of Psychology 


School of Mathematics 


Chemical Engineering


Center of Excellence - Cognitive Interaction Technology, Universität Bielefeld, Germany


School of Mathematics


School of Mathematics


University of Bristol 


School of Mathematics 


School of Computer Sciences 


Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research

PhD students

Blake Cook
EPSRC International Doctoral Scholars Award
Gwen Harrington 
University of Birmingham Scholarship in Mathematics 
Sophie Mason
University of Birmingham Alumni Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics