Phase Two: 2012-2015

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Longitudinal Study of Transitions Experiences of Blind and Partially Sighted Young People – phase 2 of a 5-year research study into transition of 80 blind/partially sighted young people from school, into FE & HE, training, employment or unemployment.

Phase Two the Longitudinal Study was funded by the Nuffield Foundation. It sought to investigate the following research questions:

  1. What are visually impaired young people’s experiences of transition from school into further and higher education, training and employment? What choices do they make and what are the outcomes?
  2. What levels of independence do visually impaired young people have as they move through different phases of their life? Independence in relation to: (a) travel and mobility; (b) access to information; (c) access to ICT; (d) social interaction; (e) self- advocacy (e.g. discussing required adjustments); (f) activities of daily living; and (g) experience of work. How helpful are these skills in the young people’s transition?
  3. What services are available to the young people to support their transition? Linked to this, how will emerging and ongoing changes in the area of transitions and SEN policy be implemented by different services which are available to the young people?
  4. How will emerging and ongoing changes in the area of transitions and SEN policy affect young people with visual impairment as they move from school to the next stage of their education (or training or employment)? With reference to specific policy changes, comparisons and observations will be possible in relation to young people’s experiences of:
  • Changes in Connexions services (comparisons across the two cohorts, LAs and England/Wales);
  • Seeking statutory support for training or apprenticeships from LAs;
  • Obtaining funding for FE (comparisons across the two cohorts, LAs and England/Wales);
  • Work experience, training and employment opportunities (comparisons across the two cohorts, although timing of proposed new policies is unclear at this time).

Phase Two reports:

Dissemination Event

Pathways through transition - life after compulsory education for young people with vision impairment