Prevalence of COVID-19 in pregnant and postnatal women

What is the overall prevalence of COVID-19 infection, severe infection (WHO defined) in pregnancy/postpartum?

Are pregnant/postpartum women at increased risk of COVID-19 than non-pregnant individuals?

Diagram explaining prevalence of COVID-19 in pregnant women as detailed below
Prevalence of COVID-19 in pregnant women

Version 6: Updated 27 April 2021

  • 9% of all pregnant women admitted to hospital were diagnosed to have Covid-19. 
  • 3% of women with Covid-19 were asymptomatic. 

The prevalence of COVID-19 in pregnant women admitted to the hospitals appears to be similar or lower than the general population based on available data.

(v6.0 last search update on 27 April 2021; findings may change as new evidence emerges)

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Structured research question (PICO)

Risk of COVID-19 in pregnancy and postpartum
Population Pregnant/postpartum women All adult population at risk of COVID-19
Exposure SARS-CoV-2 Pregnancy and post partum
Comparator - Non-pregnant and reproductive
aged (women, all)
Outcomes COVID-19 (Confirmed, suspected)
Study Design Observational studies


Full details to be published shortly. Currently undergoing peer review.