Human Biology courses

When you study for your Human Biology degree at Birmingham, you’ll focus on the aspects of biology which are most relevant to our own species; including genetics, physiology, cell biology, evolution and development.

Studying Human Biology as an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham

It is a flexible programme that gives you a broad understanding of biological principles, but also lets you pursue your own interests and helps you to fulfill your personal career ambitions.

Many of our courses offer you the opportunity to add something extra to your degree, if you are interested in a research career have a look at our Undergraduate Masters programmes. Or maybe you would prefer to get some work experience during your degree.


The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory is a brand new state-of-the-art facility designed to support the latest methods in laboratory teaching for STEM subjects.

We are proud to be a Teaching Innovation Awards winner for developing virtual lab-casting to enable effective remote and in-lab teamworking activities in the Collaborative Teaching Laboratory (CTL). 

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory