Georgina Fitzgibbon

Georgina Fitzgibbon

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Comparisons, Connections and Contexts: Cistercian Monasticism and the Cult of Saints’ Relics, c.1100-c.1250
Supervisor: Simon Yarrow and William Purkis.
PhD Medieval History


  • BA History and International Relations, Keele University, 2013, First
  • MA Medieval Studies, University of Birmingham, 2015, Distinction  


Medieval monasteries forged social and spiritual identities through the acquisition, veneration and circulation of relics. My research asks whether twelfth-century Cistercians can be said to have a uniform culture of relic devotion, by exploring the legacy of St Bernard of Clairvaux's rejection of Christian materiality, through different lines of Cistercian institutional filiation after 1153.

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