Poppy Freeman-Cuerden

Poppy Freeman-Cuerden

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: English Women's Physical and Cultural Interactions with Animals, 1600-1750
Supervisor: Professor Karen Harvey and Dr Kate Smith
PhD History


  • BA History
  • MA History


I completed my undergraduate degree in history at the University of Leeds (2015-2018) and my masters degree in early modern history at the University of York (2018-2019).


My research is in early modern gender history and animal studies, examining the various relationships lower and middling class women had with animals in the period 1600-1750. I am investigating women's working relationships with living animals; their relationships with animals when preparing them as food, medicine or ingredient; their affective relationships with animals as companions; and their unnatural and superstitious associations with animals. I examine these relationships in both practice and representation, analysing language, imagery, material culture, and physicality to establish both what these relationships were and the ways they were affected by contemporary gender perception.