Andrew James Fincham

Andrew James Fincham

Department of Theology and Religion

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PhD title: Beliefs and Wealth Creation within the Religious Society of Friends
Supervisor: Ben Pink Dandelion
PhD Theology and Religion (Quaker Studies specialism)


The overall thesis seeks to identify both the factors and the mechanisms whereby the Quakers became established as significant creators of wealth. The research provides a new interpretation, offering a comprehensive and systematic analysis to account for Quaker commercial achievements during the 'long eighteenth century' of 1688 - 1832.  Four key factors have been identified that helped a Quaker make a success of his profession: Education & Apprenticeships; Networks; Finance; and Discipline.

The research demonstrates that the Society of Friends 'advices' which guided religious practice were not only compatible with, but also actively promoted, business success and wealth creation. Further, that these factors provided changing but significant competitive advantage from the beginnings of Quakerism in the second part of the seventeenth century until the first quarter of the nineteenth.

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