Final year - French Studies 

All students follow the compulsory Core Language module, developing their ability to produce accurate and stylish written translations into English and French. Listening and speaking work will focus on developing the students’ ability to research in the contemporary French press and debate selected French current affairs topics.

Optional modules

These cover a wide range of specialist language and culture (politics, cinema, visual arts and literature) topics, and include:

  • Avant-garde Currents in French Cinema
  • French Fictions by Women: Tales of Taboo and Transformation
  • Princesses, Poisoners and Power: Gender and Society in Seventeenth-century French Texts  
  • Discourses, Disciplines and Dissidence: The Construction of Sexuality in 19th Century France
  • Franco-African Relations from de Gaulle to Sarkozy, 1944 to the present
  • Francophone Caribbean Literature and Film
  • Interpreting
  • The Algerian War
  • Writing Art in Modern and Contemporary France