Final year Spanish language module

Advanced Spanish Language

This module consolidates and further develops the language skills and linguistic knowledge gained in the first three years of the degree programme. The module provides a framework in which students develop and practice the four skills (reading, writing, listening and reading), extend their vocabulary, and refine their pronunciation and intonation. Exercises focus on the advanced reception, translation and production of different text types and discourse functions in Spanish, and on levels of language, register and stylistics. By the end of the module students should be able to: demonstrate advanced competence in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and reading); understand, analyse and reproduce the features of a range of different text types and functions in Spanish; demonstrate strategic competence in different levels of language and registers in Spanish; and understand and develop solutions to advanced problems in both direct and inverse translation.


Optional modules

These cover a wide range of specialist language and culture topics, and include;

  • Spanish Caribbean: History & Literature + US Latino: Spanish Caribbean
  • Contemporary Spanish Film from Fiction
  • Social and Political Processes in Contemporary Latin America
  • Twentieth-century Brazilian Fiction
  • Children and Teenagers in Spanish Literature
  • Reimagining the World: Cervantes, Lope and the Baroque
  • Trapped in Spain: Writing Twentieth-century Imprisonment
  • Contemporary Portuguese Fiction
  • Gender debates in Contemporary Spanish Culture
  • The Sublime and the Grotesque in Catalan Culture