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Cameroon CatalystCameroon Catalyst (CamCat) brings together students from a wide range of areas of knowledge to develop and help facilitate sustainable development in rural villages in Cameroon, through research and design of our very own projects. Throughout the year we hold regular design workshops, as well as fundraising & social events and activities such as bake sales and games nights to fund our projects. So not only does CamCat give you an opportunity to make a real difference, it also gives you a chance to boost your CV and adds a fun social side to your degree.

Take a look at our website or Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter  or Instagram for more details about our past projects and to stay up to date with our current ones. You can also find more information about the charity in general at: and watch our video on YouTube.

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Spring term with CamCat: New fundraising event and plans for the summer term

CamCat has been really active this term hosting numerous fundraising events and finishing their design for the water and sanitation project. There's plenty in the works for next term as well! Holly Cheshire shares more.

Water and Sanitation Project update with CamCat

CamCat has been working hard on their Water and Sanitation Project, giving presentations to raise awarness and raising funds for the Charity. Find out more about their progress and plans for the next term!

Hello from CamCat!

Cameroon Catalyst (CAMCAT) is an international development charity focused on promoting sustainable development in the Eastern region of Cameroon.
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