Women in Tech

WIT logoWe are Women In Tech! A society created to inspire women in the world of technology! We focus on empowering and encouraging more women in STEM to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, particularly in the technological field. This is why we have created a great network of women, with like-minded goals and high ambitions.

This society is open to all individuals who self-identify as women and are keen to involve themselves in the ever-growing world of Tech. No prior experience is required- that's what we're here for!

As we are a fresh society we need your support! If you are interested to meet us you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course on our official website. To get in touch with us, contact us by emailing wit.uob@gmail.com

EPS Societies' Awards won:

  • Industrial Award 2021
  • Inspirational Committee Member 2021, Valeria Popescu
  • Head of College Idea of the Year 2021, Founding of the WIT Society

EPS Societies' Awards 2021 - Industrial Award and Inspirational Committee MemberEPS Societies' Awards - Head of College Idea of the Year

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