Startup Society


The Startup Society brings together the students who are interested in entrepreneurship or have a business or an idea. We provide a platform for students to share ideas, network and generate value. Our purpose is to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of startups at the University. Join us and you will learn tons, meet great people and maybe you will start the next Facebook!

To find out more visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn or like our Facebook page for updates on future events and society matters.


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Brilliant spring term with Startup Soc!

With hosting five speakers, organising various events, investing £4,000 in University startups, launching the Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) Startup Soc had a truly impressive term.

Introducing the Startup Society!

We are thrilled to welcome the UoB Startup Society to the EPS Community! They bring students together who are interested in entrepreneurship to provide them with a platform to share ideas, network and generate value.
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