WISE: Women in Science and Engineering

WISEWISE – Birmingham is a non-profit University organisation with the aim of supporting and promoting women within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the University of Birmingham. We welcome undergraduates and postgraduates from all STEM backgrounds and organise a range of events including socials, industrial visits, talks and outreach activities. 

To keep up to date with WISE visit their wiseuob.com sign up to their mailing list, join the group on Facebook, and follow on all the social media below!


EPS Societies' Awards won:

  • Head of College Idea of the Year 2015
  • Outstanding Event Award 2016, with CSS
  • Outreach Award 2017, Helena Dodd
  • Head of College Idea of the Year 2017
  • Great Acheivement in EPS Award 2017, Edna Gama Vaz de Conceição
  • Great Achievement in EPS Award 2018, Helena Dodd
  • Outstanding Event Award 2020 for Equal in STEM with BEaMS and oSTEM
  • Volunteer of the Year 2020, Paige Ramsden
  • Inspirational Committee Member 2020, Beth Soanes
  • Outreach Award Continued Excellence 2021
  • Society of the Year 2020/21


EPS Societies' Awards 2021 - Outreach Award Continued Excellence and Society of the Year 2020/21

Latest news from WISE

WISE's 2021 rewind!


With the return to normalcy, WISE have been nothing short of busy! They've held several socials, training workshops and been able to bring their award-winning outreach scheme back into schools. Alisha Dordi tells us more

A busy year for WISE!


Another busy year for WISE, with a plethora of online events and virtual outreach. Sarah Lloyd tells us more about semester two with WISE and some of the 23 events they have been involved in this year!

Seventy graduates take part in 'Meet your alumni' series

promotional banner for the meet the alumni event series on a black background with science and engineering graphics in grey and blue title branding

In March 2021, the EPS Community launched the first event series aimed at introducing students to Engineering and Physical Science alumni from a broad range of sectors and offering and insight into their roles.

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