Committee and members

Postdoctoral / Early Career Researcher Academic Committee

 Postdoctoral / early career researcher academic committee
Chair and Academic Lead, Cardiovascular Sciences Dr Zania Stamataki  View profile
Deputy Chair and Institute Lead, Cancer and Genomic Sciences

Dr Marco Saponaro

Dr Rui Monteiro

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Deputy Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer (Training and Development) Vacant Vacant
Deputy Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer (Research Environmen) Professor Ferenc Mueller View profile
Academic Lead (Fellowship and Grants Academy) Prof Connie Bonifer View profile
Institute Lead, Immunology and Immunotherapy Dr Zania Stamataki  View profile
Institute Lead, Metabolism and Systems Research Dr Vicki Smith View profile
Institute Lead, Inflammation and Ageing Vacant Vacant
Institute Lead, Clinical Sciences Dr Gowsh Poologasundarampilla View Profile
Institute Lead, Applied Health Research Dr Christel McMullan View profile
Institute Lead, Cardiovascular Sciences Dr Asif Iqbal View profile
Head of Graduate School Professor Daniel Tennant  View profile
 Research Support Administrator Guojin Liu  
 Life Sciences Researcher Development Manager  Dr Gaynor Miller  
 People and Organisational Development   Vince O'Grady  
 Research Facilitator Dr Tim Giles   
 PERCAT Officer, LES/EPS Jennifer Thomson  

Postdoctoral / Early Career Researcher Postdoc Representatives

Postdoctoral/Early Career Researcher Postdoc Representatives
Immunology and Immunotherapy Vacant  
Applied Health Research Dr Agnieszka Ignatowicz, Dr Marie Murphy and Dr Grace Turner  
Metabolism and Systems Research Dr Katherine Eales and Dr Daniela Nasteska  
Inflammation and Ageing Dr Jon Hazeldine and Dr Hannah Botfield  
Cancer and Genomic Sciences Dr Joseph Wragg   
Cardiovascular Sciences Dr Malou Zuidscherwoude  
Clinical Sciences Dr Robert Harper and Dr Mincy Naduthottathil  
Microbiology and Infection Dr Naa Dee Nikoi and Dr Lisa Lamberte   
Life and Environmental Sciences Various