Congratulations to Edgar Ebojo, PhD

Congratulations to Edgar Ebojo, whose thesis on "Scribal Habits in Chester Beatty Papyrus II (P46)" has been approved by the examiners for the award of PhD.

Edgar has spent the last four years studying at ITSEE on leave from his work with the United Bible Societies in the Philippines, to which he now returns. Edgar was a Langham Scholar, with his studies at Birmingham being sponsored by the Langham Partnerships. Edgar Ebojo consults P46 in Michigan

There is a video of Edgar speaking about his research on the Postgraduate Study section of the ITSEE website.

As part of his research, Edgar visited the two holding institutions of P46, the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin and Michigan, and presented a paper at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting: see the report on the ITSEE news page.