Posters 2021

 BIFoR is a virtual institute of over 100 academics.  More details can be found on our website pages which are divided into sections called "Wider Research", "BIFoR FACE" and "Forest Health" To follow are posters created in 2021 by mainly doctoral researchers to give a flavour of the breadth of research being undertaken at the University of Birmingham. 

 School of Biosciences 

Department of Economics 


School of Engineering 



School of English, Drama and Creative Studies 

Thumbnail Dion Dobrzynski

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Forest Ecology in Fantasy Fiction 

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Dion Dobrzynski


 School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences 




International Development Department

School of Mathematics 


Thank you for taking part in the BIFoR Annual Meeting, we hope to see you in person at our sixth annual meeting in 2022!