Posters 2019

Posters from the third annual BIFoR community meeting held January 2019

BIFoR posters 2019: Research at the BIFoR FACE facility
 Aileen Baird Poster  Fungi of the Future, by PhD student Aileen Baird
 Ed   Large-eddy simulation of wind flow around a small forest, by PhD student Ed Bannister


Weighing trees non-destructively from terrestrial LIDAR point-cloud data, by Eric Casella, Forest Research

 Liam Crowley



Mines bigger than yours: Responses of leaf-mining larvae to elevated carbon dioxide, by PhD student, Liam Crowley

 Anna Gardner



Old growth oaks: the effects of elevated CO2, by PhD student Anna Gardner



 kris hart


BIFoR FACE: First Year of CO2 Enrichment: Does it Work? by Dr Kris Hart



Soil Bioavailable Nitrogen at BIFoR FACE, by PhD student Angeliki Kourmouli

 Root exudation and nutrient dynamics under elevated CO2


Root exudation and nutrient dynamics under elevated CO2, by PhD student, Alex Kulawska



Using leaf litter to investigate the effects of elevated CO2 on insect herbivory, by Tien Nguyen




Revealing the secrets of woodland resilience to climate change, by PhD student Sue Quick



Soil Water Cation Chemistry Under Elevated CO2 Conditions at BIFoR FACE, by masters student Samuel Walrond

BIFoR posters 2019 Forest Edge Students and wider BIFoR related research 
 Forest Edge Students and wider BIFoR related research 
 Rube Foques


Mangrove restoration, keys to success? by Forest Edge student,  Ruben Foquet

 Ben howard


Coppice Fascines to Enhnance River Biogeochemical Cycling by Forest Edge student, Ben Howard



Young People's experience of and learning in urban woodlands, by Forest Edge student, Polly Jarman



Forest, Flood and Farmer, by Forest Edge student, Jenny Knight



Processing of emotional face after forest versus city exposure, by Forest Edge PhD student Eszter Toth

 Bridge Warren


Leaf waxes: tracking past climate and plant metabolism, by Forest Edge PhD student Bridget Warren



Active DTS for spatio-temporal soil moisture monitoring, by Dr Guilio Curioni



Temperature and Turbidity Effects on the Fluorescence Intensity of Uranine, Resazurin and Resorufin, by Dr Nicolai Brekenfeld



A conceptual model of riparian forest restoration for natural flood management, by Dr Simon Dixon