Current projects

At the University of Birmingham, we have considerable expertise in all aspects of drug discovery from target discovery to novel methods of drug formulation and delivery. There are many interesting projects across the University that offer the potential for translation to patient benefit. We have drawn upon internal and external expertise to review, prioritise and de-risk around 100 assets to create a portfolio of around 20-30 high quality projects. 

Some example projects are listed below, with many more coming through the pipeline.

Lead Academic

Project title

Therapy Area

Professor Zubair Ahmed

Novel repurposing of inhibitors for treatment of neurological disease


Dr Paul Badenhorst

Novel small molecule inhibitors of DNA replication


Dr Nik Hodges & Professor Jim Tucker

New targets in DNA replication inhibition with novel compounds


Professor Claudio Mauro

Novel immune-based approach for targeting inflammatory diseases


Dr Maarten Hoogenkamp

Novel target in cancer treatment


Dr Paul Foster

Novel target in cancer treatment


Dr Jorge Caamano

Novel mechanism to stimulate anti-tumour immune responses


Professor Steve Watson & Dr Pip Nicolson

Novel approaches to blocking thromboinflammation

Cardiovascular disease

Professor Steve Watson & Dr Mark Thomas

Novel nanobody platform for acute coronary syndromes

Cardiovascular disease