Our Work

CHASM is an interdisciplinary research centre which investigates the causes and consequences of financial risk and insecurity, and promotes policies to foster financial wellbeing. We have a diverse and inclusive research agenda, covering topics such as precarity, savings, debt, inequality, assets, and financial inclusion.

How we study financial insecurity

In the last 40 years, the UK, along with many other advanced economies, has seen a retrenchment of welfare provision and radical changes in the balance of responsibilities between the state, business, and households. People face more uncertainty in their ability to access the resources needed to thrive, and are increasingly expected to manage wealth and assets to offset the risks they face. At CHASM, we carry out cutting edge research to understand and address these developments from a range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives. We work closely with stakeholders to analyse, and reduce, financial insecurity faced unequally by different groups.    

Our research themes


Our values

Our work is informed and guided by the following core principles:

  • Rigour – As an academic research centre, we pride ourselves on high standards of research integrity and excellence.
  • Impact – We carry out research which has an impact on the most immediate social problems, both in the UK and globally. We also work with leaders from across the public, private and third sectors to make decisions which promote positive social, economic, and environmental change. 
  • Independence – The freedom to research and communicate facts and ideas for their own sake, rather than in pursuit of any political or financial interests, is a core principle of academia which we uphold in our own work. 
  • Inclusivity - We seek to carry-out research which promotes the right of everyone to be valued and respected, regardless of social differences such as race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or disability.