Health Science and Societal Care

Graphic representing life cycle from birth to old age

We are investigating the core issues affecting health and society. Through a diverse range of methodologies and bringing together multi-disciplinary teams, our research aims to improve patient care across the life course, identify areas of risk and inequalities in society, and develop improvements for our healthcare systems and health and social care workforce. 

Theme Leads

Dr Cara BaileyProfessor Cara Bailey

Professor of End of Life Care 


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Dr Ping GuoDr Ping Guo

Associate Professor in Nursing


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Research Aims

  • To develop and implement research and clinical practices to improve patient care
  • To identify areas of risk in society and encourage diversity and inclusion for health and social care
  • To develop improvements and service transformation for healthcare systems and workforce

Research Areas

Research areas
Principal InvestigatorResearch
PI: Professor Cara Bailey End of life care, emergency care, measuring patient outcomes, emotional labour
PI: Harjinder Kaur-Aujla Equality, Culture, Women’s/Men’s Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Abuse
PI: Mrs Louise Beesley Advanced practice, hypertension, medicines adherence
PI: Professor Julian Bion Intensive Care Medicine
PI: Professor Caroline Bradbury-Jones Family violence, child abuse
PI: Dr Richard Breakwell Clinical assessment, Nurse retention
PI: Professor Iain Chapple Restorative dentistry and periodontology
PI: Professor Jamie Coleman Patient safety, clinical decision support systems, interprofessional learning
PI: Professor Anthony Cox Drug safety, patient engagement
PI: Professor Thomas Dietrich Oral surgery and periodontology, outcomes and clinical epidemiology 
PI: Dr Nikolaos Efstathiou End of life care, bereavement,  ITU withdrawal of advanced treatment
PI: Mrs Alison Gayton Professional advocacy, dementia
PI: Dr Ping Guo Palliative care, outcome measurement, person-centred care, and global health
PI: Dr Nutmeg Hallett Violence and aggression in mental health settings
PI: Professor Lorraine Harper Vasculitis, Clinical academic development
PI: Professor Kirsty Hill Dental public health and behavioural science
PI: Dr Christine Hirsch Medicine management, end of life care
PI: Dr Zahraa Jalal Pharmaceutical care, communication, medication adherence
PI: Dr Lucille Kelsall-Knight Paediatric cardiology, Pharmacology
PI: Dr Kanta Kumar Medication adherence, ethnicity, behaviour medicine, rheumatology
PI: Professor John Marriott Medicines adherence and optimisation
PI: Professor Una Martin Hypertension, clinical pharmacology and ethnicity
PI: Professor Mike Milward Periodontal disease
PI: Dr John Morris Dental public health
PI: Dr Sue Neilson Paediatric end of life care
PI: Dr Roger Newham Professional ethics
PI: Dr Vibhu Paudyal Pharmaceutical public health, minor ailments management, health service evaluation
PI: Dr Sarah Pontefract Patient safety in clinical pharmacy
PI: Dr Vahid Ravaghi Public health dentistry and epidemiology
PI: Dr Praveen Sharma Periodontal disease and chronic kidney disease
PI: Mr Richard Standage Nurse recruitment, Paediatric intensive care
PI: Professor Dame Helen Stokes-Lampard Clinical community care
PI: Professor Julie Taylor Child protection, child abuse in Africa
PI: Professor Annie Topping Clinical academic development, service improvement and healthcare quality
PI: Mrs Tracey Valler-Jones Paediatric clinical assessment
PI: Mrs Jinu Varghese Professional values and ethics
PI: Mr Chris Wagstaff Disengagement with mental health services, violence, substance abuse
PI: Dr Asma Yahyouche Medicines adherence, patient safety
PI: Miss Zehra Yonel Periodontal disease and chronic illness