Research and PhD opportunities

BCES offers excellent opportunities for PhD and MSc research across a broad range of areas.

PhD research

BCES has an outstanding multi-disciplinary academic team with wide ranging expertise and excellent research facilities. By undertaking a PhD at BCES, whether highly technical or multi-disciplinary, you will:

  • Develop of a strong theoretical background and expertise.
  • Undertake a project that tackles modern and highly relevant global challenges using novel, approaches.
  • Develop holistically through exposure to all aspects of research and work in a professional environment.
  • Have the opportunity to present your work at leading conferences and publish your research in international peer reviewed journals.
  • Gain experience of presentation skills, team work, personal development and benefit from the wide range of skills development courses run by People and Organisational Development.

We do not offer a list of potential research projects here because the list is too extensive and continues to evolve with new funding. We prefer to discuss projects with the applicant personally to match respective interests and skills. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the research of the academics at BCES and then contact them directly by e-mail. For general enquiries, contact Professor Yulong Ding.

PhD scholarships

We welcome highly motivated and talented researchers who are self-funded or have scholarships from their country of origin. The University’s Graduate School also offers a range of scholarships to highly qualified students.