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Supermarket cooling units



How solar tech could help distribute Covid-19 vaccines in Africa (CNN)

A Pivotal Year for Clean Cooling (Accelerate - Advancing Clean Cooling) 

The environmental impact of mass coronavirus vaccinations (POLITICO)



Africa's clean cooling centre of excellence moves closer to boosting farmer's livelihoods (University of Birmingham) 

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Re-starting global economy depends on tackling 'last mile' of vaccine journey (University of Birmingham) 

How can we ensure billions of people in the Global South can access a COVID-19 vaccine? (University of Birmingham)

Understanding the Cold-Chain Challenge for a COVID-19 Vaccine (Facebook Live Video posted by The Business Standard)

A Possible Covid Vaccine Means It's Time to Fix Cold Chains (Wired)

Pfizer vaccine: Over 80% of doses already sold to world’s richest countries (The Independent)

Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine poses global logistics challenge (The Guardian)

Vaccine: Cold chain, pollution still a challenge (The Business Standard)


Covid Vaccines and the Cold Chain (Octavian Report)

Birmingham leads on green cooling technologies programme (University of Birmingham) 


Scientists create blueprint to vaccinate in Bangladesh and beyond (University of Birmingham) 


Coronavirus: How will the world vaccinate seven billion? (BBC News)

Access to climate-friendly cooling must underpin the COVID-19 response (Thomson Reuters Foundation News 


Centre of Excellence in Rwanda aims to support African farmers and rural communities (University of Birmingham)

UK team to design sustainable clean cold technologies (University of Birmingham)

New study published on supply chain challenges and lessons during COVID-19 pandemic (Royal Academy of Engineering) 


Clean cold experts explore how people in Africa can access COVID-19 vaccine (University of Birmingham)

Why optimized cold-chains could save a billion COVID vaccines (UN Environment Programme)


Researchers launch race to develop sustainable COVID-19 vaccine delivery (University of Birmingham)

Programme to develop sustainable cold chain delivery for COVID-19 vaccine initiated (European Pharmaceutical Review)


Prepare now to sustainably deliver the COVID-19 vaccine (University of Birmingham Perspective)


Birmingham's liquid lead in cracking global energy storage challenge (University of Birmingham)

British experts join Indian farmers to reduce food loss sustainably (University of Birmingham)



The Cold Chain Conundrum (European Supermarket Magazine)


Professor Peters: We Need to Reinvent the Cold Chain (Hydrocarbons 21)


UN secretary-general calls for greater action on cooling (Cooling Post)


Meeting the demand for cooling in a warming world — Q&A with Professor Toby Peters (Accelerate News) 


Cold-chains connect farmers to markets - delivering maximum economic benefit with minimal environmental impact (Global Supply Chain, page 56) 


The uninhabitable city: what happens when heatwaves become the new normal? (New Statesman)

Birmingham hub solution offers cooling hope to Indian farming communities (University of Birmingham)

Opinion | Bringing Food Cold Chains to More People in India (foodtank)


Smart tech helps Indian farmers reduce foodwaste and boost income (University of Birmingham)

UK, India experts explore smart tech solution for Indian farmers (The Economic Times)

Report emphasises importance of smartphone technology for Indian farmers (New Food Magazine)

India, UK experts discuss clean cooling solutions as 'The Only Planet' heats up  (Connected to India)


Global partners meet to develop sustainable cooling solutions that won't over-heat the planet (University of Birmingham)

Global meeting to tackle sustainable cooling (Cooling Post)

University of Birmingham leads clean cold roadshow in China (University of Birmingham)

Congress to develop sustainable cooling solutions (Climate Control News)


United Kingdom and China developed the first container cooled with phase change materials (ZeroSottoZero)

 PCM with enhanced thermal properties developed for rail/truck container (Pure Temp)

Keep road/rail containers cold for 120 h without power (Food Processing)

Clever cold store shipping container stays cool (Direct Industry)



UK and China scientists develop world-first cold storage road/rail container (University of Birmingham)

University of Birmingham leads discussions on boosting 'clean cold' in India (University of Birmingham)

Online ‘clean cold’ tool unveiled to support more sustainable cooling (RAC)

Clean cold experts launch toolkit to help tackle pollution and climate change (University of Birmingham)


University of Birmingham appoints Indian cold chain expert to professorship (University of Birmingham)


Haryana ties up with Birmingham on novel cold chain technologies (India Inc.) 


The Energy Drain in the Cold Economy (Abu Dhabi Sustainability  Week) 

Rotten Taste: Refrigerated food trucks pollute the same as 1.8million cars – and Brits are paying £100million a year to subsidise THEIR fuel costs (The Sun) 

Cold Comfort: Energy in a warming world  (Power Technology) 

Making cooling clean (The Tribune) 

India 'clean cold' partnership set to boost healthy nutrition and farmers' incomes (University of Birmingham)


Air-conditioners do great good, but at a high environmental cost (The Economist) 

BBC World Hacks investigate the cool ways of keeping things cool (University of Birmingham)

As we plan energy strategies, ‘clean cooling’ needs to come in from the cold  (Euronews) 

A chilling idea: liquid air that freezes emissions (Mega)


It’s time to recognise that keeping cool in the UK will only make the planet hotter, this country needs a radical solution (BEI Blog) 

As we plan energy strategies, cooling needs to come in from the cold (UK ERC)

Over a billion people struggle to stay cool as Earth warms (Daily Mail Online) 

A Cool World – Defining the Energy Conundrum of 'Cooling for All' (University of Birmingham)

Report warns of sustainability challenge from global surge in cooling demand (RAC)

Global quadrupling of cooling appliances to 14 billion could see staggering increase in world's energy consumption – new report (University of Birmingham)


We have to look at the total requirement for cooling (Climate Control Middle East, pp-40-41)


‘Clean cold’ congress closes with demand for systemic cooling rethink (University of Birmingham)


Decarbonising cooling emissions will suck up world's planned solar energy (University of Birmingham)

‘Clean cold’ congress closes with demand for systemic cooling rethink (RAC)

More demand for cool air than heating by 2050 (The Times)

Warming climate to nearly double demand for cooling appliances (The Guardian)

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Hosts Innovative 'Clean Cold' Workshop in Dubai (University of Birmingham)


First global clean-cold conference targets supply chain cooling rethink (RAC)



Influential clean cold chain workshop in Delhi builds on Birmingham base (University of Birmingham)


Academics seek to bridge isolated clean cold and cold chain networks (RAC)

UK to host workshop on breaking down Indian clean cold barriers (RAC)


Retail Refrigeration: Making the Transition to Clean Cold (University of Birmingham)


University of Birmingham to host first global ‘clean cold’ congress (RAC)


Clean cold offers India's farmers sustainable economic growth - study (University of Birmingham)


Green, White and Blue: Why India Needs a Third Agricultural Revolution (University of Birmingham)


Cooling companies urged to join Indian cold chain initiative (RAC)


Birmingham scientists launch project to tackle global 'clean cold' challenge (University of Birmingham)

Cooling report calls for greater government engagement (RAC)



Birmingham says global demand for 'cold' should be taken seriously with launch of new Policy Commission (University of Birmingham)