Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy

Immunology is at the forefront of medical research and we are among the leaders of this exciting, fast-evolving field.

Research themes

Cross cutting themes

  • Clinical Immunology

    Providing an interface between basic, translational and clinical research groups, the NHS, and pharmaceutical and biodiagnostics industries.

  • Immunotherapy

    Cutting edge research in fundamental immunology and develop this through clinical trials for patient benefit.

  • Vaccine Development

    Understanding the fundamental mechanisms that underpin the success of vaccination and in the development of novel vaccines.

Centres of excellence


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Latest news

19 November 2019

BSI Tumour Immunology Group

Professor Ben Willcox from the University of Birmingham's Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy writes for the British Society of Immunology on the UK-wide Tumour Immunology Group.

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