BactiVac Catalyst Training Awards

Catalyst funding is available to support training opportunities and exchanges, prioritising those involving LMIC members and academic/industrial partners, for the transfer of knowledge and skills in bacterial vaccinology.

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Up to £6,000 per award is available, and each training visit is expected to be up to three months in duration.

The aim of this funding scheme will be to support members to train in vaccine research & development (R&D), targeting the main preclinical to clinical area of focus for BactiVac. 

The training call will be run as an open call. Successful applications could include ones that:

  • Offer opportunities for both UK and LMIC members to undertake a bilateral exchange, to foster reciprocal relationships between BactiVac members 
  • Address key skills gaps within an LMIC, academic or industrial partners’ institution.

Due to restrictions imposed on BactiVac from our funding bodies, there has been a change of policy from some of the funders which impacts on the ability of the Network to provide any funding to members based within an institution in the People’s Republic of China (China). Therefore, no Training Award Applications from members based in China can be processed by the Network.


All awardees will be expected to provide a short report following the completion of their training, for inclusion in BactiVac Network outcomes and publicity in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and to assess progress.

How to apply

The call for applications is an open call, you can apply at any time. We will aim to have a decision back to you within three months of application being submitted. Please submit your application form and associated documents to the BactiVac Admin Team.

Applicants will need to be members of the Network to be eligible to apply. The allocation of funding will be decided by the Network Operations Management Group (NOMG) (PDF, 228KB) and findings reported at the Annual Network Meetings. 

Follow us @BactiVac using the hashtag #BactiVacFunding. You can also download BactiVac Catalyst Training flyer (PDF, 522KB) to circulate and/or display within your organisation. 

Pump-priming training opportunities supported in Training Awards are highlighted in 'Funded Work'

Read the Bactivac Catalyst Application Form (Word, 49KB)

Read the Training Awards Guidance Notes (PDF, 276KB)

Read the FAQ Guide for Training Applications (PDF, 190KB)  

Read the Standard Terms and Conditions (PDF, 656KB)

Read the Standard Training Evaluation Report (PDF, 559KB)