T Cell Development and Function in Health and Disease

Image of fetal thymus colonisationGroup leads: Graham AndersonPeter LaneWill Jenkinson

We investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that generate a tolerant T cell repertoire, but also the signals that foster the development of effector and memory CD4 T cell responses. Particular interests are:

(1) The development and function of thymic epithelial environments

(2) The role of lymphoid tissue inducer cells in tolerance and the development of CD4 memory

(3) The molecular regulation of CD4 effector and memory T cell survival

Research group staff members

Graham Anderson (group lead) Professor of T-Lymphocyte Biology

Peter Lane (group lead) Professor Clinical Immunology

David Withers (group lead)

Will Jenkinson (group lead) Lecturer

Other group members

Fabrina Gaspal
Fiona McConnell
Sonia Parnell
Guillaume Desanti
Kyoko Nakamura
Andrea White
Terry Jones