Supporting Year 12

Explore the resources and support we offer to Year 12 pupils starting to think about their path to university.

Learn about applying to university

Hear about the benefits of higher education

Our Recruitment Officer Jon explains the advantages of university study

Get advice on choosing a course

Mary from the Recruitment Team offers advice on how to choose a course

Discover the programmes and avenues for pupils to experience higher education

Pathways to Birmingham

Our programmes offer insight into higher education and professional career routes, and support with the university application process. Open only to Greater West Midlands pupils, with the exception of the National Access Summer School which is available to pupils in England and Wales (excluding the West Midlands).


We run over 40 masterclasses to stimulate enquiry and broaden knowledge on a wide range of topics. The programme is available to pupils from schools across the Greater West Midlands region.

Realising Opportunities

Realising Opportunities is national programme for talented students providing skills development and increased access to university

Learn about the support we provide to pupils wishing to pursue higher education

Supporting care leavers

We have a range of support available, including funding, for students who have been in local authority care

Supporting young carers

We work to ensure that students with caring responsibilities are able to thrive during their university studies

The contextual offer scheme

This national scheme recognises the potential of students whose personal circumstances may have restricted achievement at school or college

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