Advertising and Sales Promotion

Modular value: 10 credits

Assessment: Agency group assignment (50%) and individual assignment (50%)

Module Aims

This module will build on the theory, principles and issues explored in Marketing in the first semester demonstrating how these can be applied practically in an advertising agency environment within both the B2C and B2B context.  Students will be challenged to consider personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the roles within an agency and the associated dynamics. The current challenges and benefits of advertising will be explored fully, exploring the application of advanced theories of advertising.  The changing role of key media (web, press, TV, radio, cinema, outdoor) and evaluation of their effectiveness will be considered alongside societal implications.  The role of the advertising agency, the challenges of client-agency relationships and the mechanics of advertising campaigns will be examined in detail. Students will also be introduced to sales promotion theory and practice.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will have developed knowledge and understanding of:

  • The career choices and personal skill set required to succeed in the advertising industry.
  • Advancedtheories of communication relating to advertising.
  • The role, strengths and limitations of alternative media for advertising campaigns.
  • How to assess the effectiveness of advertising (in different media contexts).
  • The role of agencies and the mechanics and challenges of client-agency relationships.
  • The theory, role and challenges of sales promotion

In addition, in terms of skills, students will have developed (or further enhanced) their ability to:

  • Analyse advertising and sales promotion issues critically, systematically and creatively to identify problems, and to propose and evaluate alternative approaches to solving these problems.
  • Critique relevant literature, advertising case studies, information, and challenge viewpoints, ideas and concepts.
  • Devise advertising and sales promotion strategies, having regard for the importance of integrated marketing communication objectives.