Contemporary Issues in International Marketing

Modular value: 10 credits

Assessment: Individual assignment 70% Group presentation 30%

Modules Aim

The module is designed to advance the knowledge of the students, who will be studying compulsory module International Marketing Strategy in semester 2. It will introduce reflection and debate about contemporary challenges to international marketers by bringing together culturally diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives on international marketing. This module will be designed so as to assist students in their quest for dissertation topics by questioning entrenched concepts and approaches. It will create an environment for further development of skills in critical thinking, analysis and scientific reasoning.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module you will typically be able to demonstrate:

  • The scope of the contemporary development and complexity of international marketing.
  • Evolution and changing nature of the concepts, theories and processes involved in international marketing.
  • The new challenges to marketing operations and strategies in diverse economies and within varied institutional frameworks
  • The most up-to-date theoretical debates in international marketing.
  • Organisational responses to international marketing challenges.