Marketing Management

Modular value: 20 credits

Assessment: Coursework 30%, Examination 70%

This module is a core module that aims to introduce the main marketing principles, theory and practice as it applies in consumer, industrial and service organizations.  The module’s purpose is to explore the manner in which firms can gain competitive advantage by adopting a consumer orientation.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, you will typically have knowledge and understanding of:

  • the contribution to an organisation’s success from the adoption of a marketing philosophy
  • the resources available to a marketer and how different environments influence the resources mix
  • how insight into buyer behaviour can enhance the effective use of marketing resources
  • how marketers can reduce risk through reliable market data and by prioritising product/service development programmes
  • recent marketing developments such as relationship marketing and sustainability marketing.

Be able to use your cognitive skills to:

  • apply a disciplined approach to the analysis of marketing management problems and their resolution
  • make a selective and critical use of academic literature to examine such problems and to recommend sound solutions to practical marketing management problems.

In addition to knowledge and cognitive based outcomes, the learning and assessment methods used in the module require you to develop and demonstrate your ability to:

  • work individually and in groups, establishing a group ethos and performing to a timed task target
  • learn from your peers via intra-group and inter-group interactions and knowledge sharing
  • communicate your ideas and arguments in a clear and logical manner
  • draw from and make selective use of published material with minimum guidance.