Product and Innovation Management

Modular value: 10 credits

Historical research on innovation behaviours leads to this major insight: organizational decisions on innovations are critical, but difficult and often result in failure to act. Whether large or small, manufacturing or service, consumer products or industrial products, public or private sector, organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of the management of their innovation activities in developing a competitive edge for the tangible or intangible products that they offer. However, realizing the importance does not imply their possession of the capability to manage their innovation activities. Nor does it necessarily lead to their actually devoting corresponding efforts to develop those activities. Against this background comes the desirability of getting to grips with the knowledge of product and innovation management for the benefit of any organization concerned.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module successful students will be able to demonstrate:
A Knowledge and understanding of:

  • Importance of product and innovation management
  • Role of product and innovation management in organizations
  • Concept, types and measurements of innovativeness
  • Five stages of product innovation process, and the characteristics and concepts under each of these stages.