Using the BIFoR FACE Facility for your research

We welcome requests to get involved with research.

Our research woodland "Mill Haft" offers the opportunity to complete research in patches of woodland that are experiencing the atmosphere of the future. Not only that though we offer a woodland research facility that has: 

  • great team of technicians available to support your field work
  • welfare facilities on site (including a shower and lockers)
  • good parking
  • electrical vehicles to help transport heavy equipment up to the forest
  • bench space and a flux lab & tower in the woodland (data and power) 
  • woodland laboratory - including outside dirty lab area, inside clearn space and offices upstairs 
  • met masts (data and power)
  • canopy access so all parts of the canopy can be reached including the sunlit leaves
  • access to a stream 'Wood Brook' running through the woodland that has data and power nearby for stream monitoring
  • a 'Data Manager', who can give advice about data we already hold eg meteorological data from 2015 onwards
  • a tissue bio- bank of leaf / twig / pollen / soil samples from 2015 (in most cases)
  • wifi on site

The BIFoR White Book provides detailed information for users of the facility, including links to the correct and most up to date risk assessment and method statement forms.

White Book 2


Another key document for users of the BIFoR FACE facility, is the BIFoR FACE: Intellectual Property and Data Protocol 

Whether you are interested in completing research in the experimental patches or just looking for a great place to complete forest research / stream research please contact us or fill in the form below. 

Enquiry Form to request project work involving the

BIFoR FACE Facility                                      

This form must be filled by all investigators who wish to perform experiments or measurements, or request core data

Requests must be submitted by the person in charge of a project (the Chief Principal Investigator, PI). Other collaborators including post-docs and graduate students should be listed as co-investigators.

  • PI Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Project information
  • Information regarding the proposed project
  • Please tick the box most applicable to your requirements:
  • *For full economic costings please contact the BIFoR FACE Operations Manager at: (01785) 284503, This amount may be modified as the proposal progresses and is to be used for indication purpose only.
  • It is possible, through agreement that non-monetary (help in kind) contributions can be made to the facility running costs. Please explain what could be offered to BIFoR FACE during the proposed research project to the benefit of the Institute (examples inc. staff contributions to public outreach, fieldwork volunteer):


  • All applications will be considered by the BIFoR Science Access Committee and notifications of acceptance/rejection are normally within 7 working days of submission.
  • Any application without an agreed budget contribution to BIFoR FACE may be rejected. Please contact the BIFoR Operations Manager for more details on budget allocation.
  • Principal Investigators will be required to submit a more detailed form after application acceptance.