University of Birmingham academic staff and students involved in ongoing research at the BIFoR FACE facility.  

Prof Rob Mackenzie and Prof Sami Ullah are the Directors off BIFoR FACE who are the academic leads for research being completed at the BIFoR FACE facility. Dr Kris Hart is the Operations Manager and Furkan Tekinay is our Data Manager and Analyst.  We are most grateful to Prof Rich Norby for his continues support to BIFoR FACE research and his regular visits. 

We have tried to map people into different areas but, as the research is related to forest ecosystems, there is naturally overlap between the areas. Learn more about the measurements and examples of projects underway in our "FACE research" page.  If you would like to make contact with someone but are uncertain as to who to contact please contact BIFoR Project Officer, Deanne Brettle

Aboveground vegetation processes

Belowground vegetation, litter, and soil processes

  • Prof Sami Ullah , Senior Lecturer in Biogeochemistry and Physical Geography
  • Dr Liz Hamilton, Lecturer in Environmental Science
  • Prof Vincent Gauci, Birmingham Professorial Fellow
  • Prof Zongbo Shi (GEES)  
  • Dr Johanna Pihlblad, Post doctoral researcher 
  • Dr Yafei Gao, Post doctoral researcher
  • Dr Diego Marquez (Biosciences) 
  • Alex Armstrong, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Rachel Calder, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Imogen Carter, Research Technician (GEES) 
  • Gael Denny, Research Technician (GEES) 
  • Nine Douwes Dekker, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Katy Faulkner, PhD student at Warwick University
  • George Fereday, Technician (GEES-QUINTUS)
  • James Gore, Technician (GEES- QUINTUS)
  • Robert Grzesik, Senior Technician (GEES - QUINTUS) 
  • Grace Handy, PhD student 
  • Manon Rumeau, PhD student (GEES - QUINTUS) 


  • Prof Stefan Krause,  Professor of Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry
  • Dr Alice Gauthey, Royal Society Fellow (GEES) 
  • Dr Joshua Larsen, Senior Lectuter (GEES)
  • Dr Nicholas Kettridge, (GEES) 
  • Nicholas Lugg, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Sue Quick, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Andrea Rabbai, PhD student (GEES) 

Atmospheric processes

  • Prof Bill Bloss, Prof of Atmopsheric Sciences 
  • Prof Vincent Gauci, Professorial Fellow (GEES) 
  • Prof Rob MacKenzie, Director of BIFoR
  • Prof Francis Pope, Professor of Atmospheric Science
  • Prof Zongbo Shi, Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Biogeochemistry
  • Tony Hyacinth, PhD student (GEES) 
  • Laura James, PhD student (GEES) 
  • William Hagan Brown, PhD student (Plymouth) 
  • Thomas King, PhD student Lancaster University (co-supervised by Rob MacKenzie)

Animals (esp invertebrates)

  • Dr Laura Graham, Birmingham Fellow (GEES)
  • Prof Jon Sadler, Professor of Biogeography
  • Dr Scott Hayward, Lecturer - Molecular Eco-physiology
  • Max Williams, Research Technician 

Microbial processes

Plant health and plant diseases

  • Prof Rob Jackson, Chair in Tree Pathology 
  • Prof James McDonald (Biosciences) 
  • Dr Graeme Kettles, Lecturer (Biosciences) 
  • Dr Estrella Luna-Diez, Lecturer (Biosciences) 
  • Dr Rosa Sanchez-Lucas, Post-doctoral researcher
  • Mark Raw, PhD student (Biosciences) 

Vegetation and Land Surface Modelling

  • Dr Liling Chang (GEES)
  • Dr Anna Gardner (GEES) 
  • Dr Adriane Esquivel Muelbert, Lecturer in Global Forest Ecology
  • Dr Juliano Sarmento Cabral, (Biosciences) 
  • Dr Deborah Hemming, Honorary BIFoR associate 
  • Dr Tom Pugh, Lecturer Environmental Science
  • Bruno Cintra (GEES) 
  • Shomari Healey PhD student (GEES)