FACE Publications 

To follow are current papers directly related to the FACE facility research. All BIFoR papers from across the Institute can be found on our BIFoR Research Portal. 
Please note these publications are related to projects from across the BIFoR FACE woodland we call 'Mill Haft'. For example some of the research was completed using samples from the small stream that runs through the woodland.  

Recent Articles

Seeing the Unseen: Birth and Death of Tree Roots Under a Future Atmosphere
Not just standing there: the carbon utility of established forest by Rob MacKenzie
Planting trees for a changing climate
Trees become more efficient at saving water as CO2 levels increase, scientists find. 
Trees adapt to high carbon dioxide levels by storing water. 
Forest trees find a new watery ‘sweet spot’ when CO2 is high
Work of many hands builds confidence in climate projections and UK-Brazil science cooperation 
Artificial Intelligence and Low-cost Sensors in Ecology: A Pollen Case Study at BIFoR-FACE 
How can scientists glimpse the future state of our #woodlands? 


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